I'm Annette Heller, an Interior Designer turned Low Tox Life Coach™️.
I started The Sage Hearth to fulfill a dream of mine: to empower men and women with the tools and the confidence to create a healthy, sustainable, low-tox home they'll love! 

I knew about harmful toxins in our products (they don't make Mr Yuck stickers for nothing), but the slow damaging of our bodies is one that most people don't notice. It's not like an acute poisoning, where you find yourself racing to the emergency room.

The truth is, I was pretty sick and by my 30's I was taking a whole bunch of medications with 2 autoimmune diseases, cataracts, out of control migraines, and eventually cancer.

That's when I took a hard look at everything in my home and it turned out, we were surrounded by harmful toxins that damage our bodies causing illnesses and cancer.

I'm here to tell you, if this is you...you can absolutely turn this situation around.

I'm so glad you're here!
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Giving Back

Thanks to your help I'm able to support these charitable 

organizations that are making meaningful and positive changes.