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Healthy Home Makeover

A Healthy Home is a living environment that promotes 
well-being for everyone who 
lives inside.

Hello friend, 

It’s good to have you here, I’m Annette. 

All my life I longed for inner peace, joy, a healthy body, and a sense of purpose. 

I was constantly searching for the newest happiness trend to embrace: reiki, meditation, yoga, self help books, you name it, I’ve tried it.

Growing up, I endured sexual and emotional abuse at home and bullied at school. 

Without support and proper guidance I did what I could, but ended up struggling with depression, a suicide attempt, unresolved anger issues, and using alcohol and drugs to mask my unhappiness.

Later in life, I got married and had two kids and thought I had it all together. 

The irony was that I looked happy and healthy on the outside, in a supportive loving marriage with 2 wonderful children.

But the reality was that no one knew of my traumatic past, or how much unresolved trauma I carried around inside.

This was all a heavy burden to carry and in hindsight I know it was a factor in ultimately living with chronic fatigue and exhaustion, migraines, several autoimmune diseases, cataracts, IBS, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, countless other mystery symptoms, and eventually cancer. 

I ended up so sick I couldn’t even complete everyday chores such as: showering, laundry, food shopping, preparing meals, walking the dogs or helping my kids with schoolwork. 

The fatigue and brain fog were so bad that I could no longer carry on conversations and my friends eventually stopped calling after their voice mails went unanswered. 

I spent hours going between doctor visits and medical testing, but no one ever had answers. 

That’s when I learned about changes I needed to make to start healing. 

Changes to my products, the foods I eat and my emotional state.

My journey back to life was not without its ups and downs, lots of soul searching, and being completely open minded to the process and changes that I had to make.  

In the end, it was all so worth it.

Today, I am totally healed from it all - the trauma from abuse, the autoimmune issues, cataracts, migraines, brain fog, fatigue, IBS, high cholesterol, cancer - and have been trained to assist others on their healing journey.

I now coach other woman who are suffering from autoimmune diseases, mystery symptoms, and lack of energy to function on a daily basis to jumpstart their health so they can participate fully in life again. 

Whether you are high functioning with chronic illness or at the point where you can't get off the sofa. I'm here to help you!

Your body is a miraculous healing machine and when given the opportunity, amazing healing results occur.

Are you ready to get your life back?

I'm so glad you're here!

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Whether you’re high functioning with 
chronic illness or at the point where you 
can't get off the sofa. 

It’s absolutely possible to 
regain your health!

Take your first step and download 
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Giving Back

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