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One on one coaching

If one-on-one coaching sounds like the right plan for you, here's what you can expect: I'll come to your home, either in-person (in the Pittsburgh, PA area) or via zoom, and assess your cleaning products, personal care items, laundry room, kitchen, etc. and identify toxic products in your home. 

Then I'll  work with you to develop a personalized plan for swapping over to low- or non-toxic alternatives. 

I will also take you through the mindset you'll need when shopping for new products and teach you how to spot common toxic offenders hiding on supermarket shelves. 

After working with you on a plan that works best for your low-tox goals, you'll receive a personalized checklist of attainable changes that'll move you along towards your goals.

Some clients may be further along with their efforts to replace their cleaning and personal care products, yet still look to kick things up a notch and swap out other household items that continue to pollute their home environment.

This time is for you and we can go in any direction you'd like!

My Guarantee:
I promise to help guide you to the very best of my ability, though I cannot predict how other members of your family will react. Change can be unsettling for some, even small changes; no matter how well-meaning, can be seen as an attack on the status quo and the routines and comforts of daily life often taken for
granted. For this reason, I recommend having a heartfelt conversation with your partner and other family members before we begin.
I have a free guide to help you with these conversations, which you can download here.  


Bonuses you'll receive

1.  My master checklist for typical household swaps.
2. A specific to-do list based on our meeting.
3. A follow-up phone call.
4. An e-book of my tried and true household recipes.

yes, let's do this!

Group Coaching

Let's face it, it's more fun making life changes when you're doing it with a group of friends. I find that these group workshops are a great way to get everyone working together. Plus, you adore your friends and want them to always stay healthy. This is a great way to show the love.

I come to you live via Zoom. The addition of using Zoom allows participants, no matter their location, to be present and together for the workshop.

90 minute workshops cover these low tox principles: 
  • What is a toxin?
  • Where are toxins found?
  • What do toxins do to our bodies?
  • How do the toxins get into our bodies?
  • What are some of the alternatives? 
  • How to start your low tox journey?              

Bonuses everyone will receive

  1. An e-book of my tried and true recipes
  2. A 20%  discount off of your first one-on-one coaching session. 


Sufferers of chronic illness

If you fall into this category, I don't want money to be an obstacle of your desire to eliminate the toxins and allow your body to heal. 
I have developed a special program just for you!

Once accepted to this program you'll receive:
  • A 90 minute zoom consultation.
  • A specific to do list and game plan to get you started on your low tox journey.
  • 15 minute follow-up phone call.

We are exposed to toxins from many of our everyday products. Unfortunately these toxins accumulate in our body causing a condition called "body burden." Each of us carries some amount of toxins regardless of when or where you came in contact with them but the constant flow of new toxins continue to build up over time. 
Depending on the toxin, it can move through us within hours, days, years and in some instances the toxins remain in us permanently. 

The good news is that by eliminating the toxins from your home, your body will start to detox allowing for healing to begin.

Our bodies are miraculous healing machines and removing the toxins will give you a better opportunity for improved health in the long run.
Now, let me be perfectly clear. I'm not making a claim that by eliminating the toxins in your life you will get better but I am saying that by eliminating the toxins you have an improved chance of enhancing your health and allowing your body to function without the toxic load (Body Burden).

Bonuses you'll receive

An e-book with my tried and true recipes.

Frequently asked questions

A's to your Q's

Q: What is the value of working with a Low Tox Coach™️?
A: Low Tox Life coaching certification has taught me how to best assist my clients with the utmost confidence, mindful caring and proceeding from a place of love and honor. I truly want to see you succeed and thrive in life and it's my full belief that is best accomplished in a lower toxic environment.

Q: Not sure if I'm ready to make any changes yet?
A: Living a lower toxic life is not for everyone. Do your due diligence before making lifestyle changes. Check out my blog for some articles on this topic or watch some documentaries.

Q: Can I make the changes myself, I'm more of diy-er?
A: Absolutely, I encourage you to jump in and start making positive changes for you and your family. Check out The Sage Hearth Sisterhood to receive support along the way while being part of our community.

Q: What if I'm not ready to go all in right now but want to start out small?
A: Fantastic idea! Starting small is how I started too. I changed just a few cleaning products, then a few more, then a few more and before you knew it I was sucked in...hook, line and sinker! The more I began to heal, the better I felt which prompted more change. It was definitely a snowball effect.

Q: What can I personally expect from this coaching?
A: Everyone is different with a different set of expectations but, if you take action you can expect some transformations to happen. As we work together and you actually make the changes, you will notice a difference, maybe small incremental differences but as your body heals you'll want to do more detoxing. This seems to be the common experience that my clients have. 

Q: What if I already use "green" brands for my cleaning supplies and skin care?
A: If you already understand the need to switch to cleaner products then you are well on your way to a healthier life. Understanding the need and how to read a label are key to moving forward with confidence and not falling prey to "greenwashing" and "fairy dusting" so I applaud you where you are on your journey. Check out The Sage Hearth Sisterhood if you would like further support and encouragement from a supportive community.

Q: Is this coaching suitable for people outside of the US?
A: Good question. I did my certification training with a group in Australia and the products from country to country are definitely different but everything else is the same. At the end of the day, we are all humans and our bodies can only take so much abuse from the products we use. Yes, this coaching is suitable for those outside of the US who would like to work me.

If you have a question that was not answered here please send me a message. I love getting questions and messages so make my day! 

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