"Going Green" where do I start? 3 simple first steps!

Whether you read it in an article, talked about it with a friend, or heard it from your doctor, you’re probably familiar with the phrase “going green.” Like many, though, you may be wondering: “What does ‘going green’ mean? Why should I ‘go green’? And where would I even start?”
Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! Here, I’ll walk you through the answers to all of these important questions.

"Going green" means choosing safe, natural alternatives for the conventional, mass-produced products found in most homes and supermarket shelves. It also meant educating yourself on what is toxic so you can avoid these items.

Standard grocery store brands are typically laden with toxins, with some even promising to be a 'green option' despite containing the same toxic ingredients. When companies falsely label such products as “green,” they are employing a tactic known as "greenwashing" — misleading consumers like you into believing you are buying a greener or less toxic product with advertising and packaging that claims the product is natural or organic.

If you really want to “go green” and live a low tox life, you'll have to look a little further than the cleaning aisle at your local stores.

For starters, I recommend downloading the Think Dirty® app to your phone ASAP! This app will become your new best friend when you shop for low tox alternatives.

Become familiar with The Environmental Working Group, as well! They are a great resource and offer plenty of guides for personal care and cleaning products. You can read about the EWG and visit their website here.

3 Great First Steps

1. Become aware of the products you use.
Exactly how many products do you use every day? Some thought starters: what toothpaste do you use? Shampoo/conditioner? Moisturizers and makeups? Cleaning products, dish soaps, and detergents? All of these products, mass produced by corporate brands, are known to contain harmful, toxic ingredients.

Always remain conscious of what you're buying – whether you're a grab-and-go shopper or hunting for the best bargain – and always read product labels and ingredients. This is an excellent and super important step in the journey towards going green and living a low tox life!

2. Start with your Laundry Room.
Laundry detergents and softeners can be especially toxic, containing engineered plasticizers and hormone disruptors that infiltrate every room in your home. Switching to low tox alternatives for these products is an excellent place to start your low tox journey! I have a step-by-step guide to walk you through the makeover of your laundry room download here.

3. Ditch the fragrances.
Rethink what "clean" means to you and consider this: clean doesn't have a smell. Being “clean” doesn't mean smelling like a spring bouquet or a mix of rosemary and cucumber — in fact, clean is actually the absence of a smell. Most people associate a fragrance with their clothes, hand soap, or shampoo, but the reality is that these fragrances are extremely harmful, disrupting the way our hormones communicate and move throughout our bodies. The reason you can smell a fragrance after washing your clothes or wiping down a counter is because the cleaning product being used leaves harmful residues behind. I have a video about this topic that you can watch here!

“Going green” can be overwhelming, but if you take it one step at a time and learn how to spot common toxins in your home and local supermarket, you will be well on your way to creating the healthy, low tox home of your dreams!. Download the Think Dirty app, the Laundry Room Makeover guide.

Take one step at a time and switch over your products to healthy alternatives as you run out. 
You've got this!

Now, take a deep breath download the Think Dirty® app and the Laundry Room Makeover guide now!

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